Dog Grooming in North Brisbane


If you live in the north Queensland area then one of your top choices for dog groomers will be Brisbane. This area has some of the best dog grooming facilities and dog groomers in the country. Brisbane is very popular as it is one of the biggest animal shelters in Australia and also one of the oldest. There are many dog enthusiasts in this region which makes dog grooming in Brisbane a big business. There are some really good dog groomers in this area who are very experienced and know how to take care of dogs, from young puppies right up to full grown dogs.


You may not think that animals such as dogs need much grooming, but actually there are some really significant things that you should consider when doing this. Some dogs need extra attention during their molting season and you should never have any problems with this because they are very sensitive to the weather and are easily stressed out. You may also find that some animals shed more than others, some breeds tend to be dirtier than others. This will affect the quality of the hair that is coming out, if you have a really dirty dog one day you may find that it has a really bad tang to it may look horrible. So, if you want to keep your dogs looking neat and clean then you will want to have it professionally done each time.


There are many dog groomers North Brisbane that do not actually use the term ‘dog groomer’ but they are still professionals who do. One of the places that you could go if you wanted an expert would be Tanners Park Animal Hospital. They have a specialist in dogs and have a fantastic staff who love animals. This is also one of the only places where you can get a full-on dog cleaning from a vet, which is fantastic because if you let your dog wiggle around in the car then you can end up with fleas all over your car!

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