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Outdoor Fireplace Inserts and Fireplace Walls

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An outdoor fireplace or hearth commonly is a structure built of brick, stone, or metal intended to contain an open fire. In older times, fireplaces were constructed outside as part of the front yard of homes. Nowadays, fireplaces are commonly used for warming a room and for the comforting ambience they create. Modern fireplaces range in size, depending largely on the model’s design. Some are small and portable, while others are so large that they must be placed on a deck or patio.

Fireplace – Warming your room!



One example of a large fireplace insert is the marble fireplace. This large fireplace is built with one long side and two short sides, making it easy to place anywhere. It can accommodate up to two people because of its large size. A marble hearth insert can add warmth to any room, whether it is for a fireplace or simply to provide a place for gatherings and entertaining.


One example of masonry fireplace insert is the brick fireplace. Brick masonry fireplaces are constructed out of natural stone such as brick and stone. It is easy to maintain and fireproof, and it can also be custom-made to fit the exact measurements of a person’s home. Other types of masonry fireplaces include stone inserts, brick veneers, and other masonry materials. These materials vary in price depending on their quality, size, and purpose.