Day: October 14, 2021

Best Way to Melt Cheese in Your Microwave

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There are many ways you can make the best way to melt cheese. You have to try them all if you want to get the perfect dessert. The first method I will show you is one that many people do not do but is very simple. If you have some cream cheese in your refrigerator (still good, if not, throw it away) you need to soften it by using a food processor. This might take a while so be patient.

Super Easy Ways To Learn Everything About Best Way To Melt Cheese In Your Microwave

The best way to melt cheese in the microwave is to begin by melting unsweetened heavy cream cheese in a microwave-safe bowl. Add cream cheese and stir. Add milk and thoroughly stir until the cream cheese begins to bubble. Take the bowl off of the microwave and place it in the cold oven. Let it preheat for about fifteen seconds before removing it from the microwave and placing it in the center of your preheated pan.

Once the cheese has melted completely, carefully run the bowl under water in order to remove any excess cheese. Then, remove it from the pan and place in your refrigerator. Turn your microwave on and set it to the original setting. Turn it on to the lowest possible setting and in just fifteen seconds you will have a delicious and perfectly cheesy dessert.